With consumer trust and safety in New Zealand riding high around the world right now, we’re excited to announce that we’ve recently become a New Zealand FernMark Licensee. The FernMark Licensee Programme is the New Zealand government’s official country of origin accreditation programme, an initiative designed to protect and promote New Zealand products and services to the world.

Becoming a FernMark Licensee confirms that as a brand we have met all the eligibility criteria. At a product level, the government endorsement of our products being made in New Zealand is instrumental to communicating our New Zealand story globally.

Growing research indicates the value customers hold in the background story of a brand and its products is intensifying. With country of origin being a powerful driver of consumer choice, and New Zealand ranking highly in the world for our nation brand, the FernMark logo enables us to communicate our country of origin and New Zealand story, satisfying this modern consumer need.

You can have confidence knowing all products carrying the FernMark have the tick of approval from the New Zealand government. The FernMark logo provides confidence for both you and your customers, who can check the authenticity of our product using our unique licence number.


As a New Zealand FernMark Licensee we benefit from the FernMark’s IP protection, with filings in more than 30 jurisdictions. The Programme provides a level of security, with comprehensive trademark protection of the FernMark and the monitoring of its use. These safeguards ensure that no infringing marks are being filed where we have trademark protection, and that use of the FernMark is only by authorised licensees. By protecting the value of the FernMark, the exclusivity, trust and integrity of the Programme is upheld internationally.

Selling FernMark licenced products and services through your channels reaffirms that your business values and promotes authentic and premium products.

The FernMark Licence logo helps Licensees leverage New Zealand’s impressive international reputation to open sales, create opportunities and boost growth.